Automated Testing with MongoDB and OffScale

Last friday, I attended MongoSF 2012 as a speaker. It was a great event, with about a thousand programmers showing up, and some fantastic and deeply technical talks about advanced topics in MongoDB. And in the midst of all that, 10gen were gracious enough to let me have my own thirty minute slot at the EcoSystem Track to talk about OffScale, and how it can help with automated testing.

As a first time speaker, it was a challenging and rewarding experience. It forced me to step out of my comfort zone and practice my public speaking skills. For OffScale it was a great opportunity to get in touch with more programmers and hear some feedback. As we are in beta, and working on improving our product, listening to people’s questions is sometimes more important than having good answers, as this helps us cristalize our priorities. To this, I want to give out special thanks to the MongoLab guys that attended the talk and asked some great questions about use cases we will definitely address in the future. This was exactly why I wanted to speak.

Here are the slides for the talk I gave. I’ll probably go into more details in future posts, but the basic theme is: do more tests, use real data, make your database a first class citizen in your environment & have lots of jokes in the slides if you are not a funny person.

Go download our beta and try it out.