Fung Shui Of The Fittest

This is just a short post about modular furniture. Just a tiny post about reusable space. A small piece on an over populated planet.

It’s gonna get crowded

Population overflows. There’s no surprise real-estate prices were on the rise. Land is getting expensive. It’s all urban and industrial and agricultural. There’s so little wild life left. In twenty years, will the average family live in a five room apartment with a garden or in a room and a half? We will be required to become more efficient.

One man has designed his one-room apartment to be so efficient, it can become any one of twenty different configurations: a living room, a kitchen, a bath tub and even a home cinema. Give it a peek:

Jumping the curve

One weirdo in Honk Kong designed a cool aparatment. Good for him. But really, most of us can’t do it. We don’t have the skill set to rebuild our entire house to be more efficient. I can hardly fix an electrical socket on my own. Unless I can find this sort of furniture in IKEA, I’m gonna do without.

Most furniture companies are making average products for average people. People that buy things they don’t need, and need more space to store things they bought. People seeking bigger houses, because bigger is better.

One company is jumping the curve. They are specializing in efficient furniture. In a sofa that folds. A table that extends. A chair that’s a shelf. A shelf that’s a bed. All the furniture is cleverly designed to support more than one function – without surrendering aesthetics, not even one bit.