The Moment Of Fear

Whenever you meet someone who is more accomplished than you, there is a moment of fear.

At the job interview, the interviewer is more experienced than you are. At the test, the professor asking you questions has forgotten more than you ever knew. At the business meeting, the businessman across the table has a budget of millions. You fear you are not qualified for the job. You fear you are not smart enough. You fear you have no leverage.

You fear because you are looking to improve yourself, and you constantly try to chew a bit more than you can bite. You’ve prepared for this test. You have a good product. You’ve done what you can. Your life is changing right now, and your body wants to run away? This is too important to turn back.

Remember that if you don’t try, you have already failed. So, what is there to be afraid of? There’s nothing to lose, and only everything to gain.

Look for the moment, though. If there isn’t any, you are not trying hard enough.